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Greenfiber Cellulose

When it comes to buying new homes or upgrading their existing homes, people are more savvy than ever, and are looking for smart new ways to save energy. And today, one of the most effective ways to do that is through energy efficient GreenFiber Insulation. So much so, that builders and homeowners are even requesting it-often settling for nothing less. GreenFiber Insulation is made from 85% recycled paper fiber, or cellulose.

GreenFiber uses recycled materials from local sources, low-energy manufacturing, and short-haul transportation to offer an environmentally responsible choice for homeowners. GreenFiber Natural Fiber Insulation consists of 85% recycled paper fiber specially treated for flame resistance. This natural fiber insulation provides outstanding resistance to heat flow, noise suppression, and added fire resistance in residential and light commercial construction.

Since it’s free of things like formaldehyde, asbestos, glass fibers and mineral wool, Greenfiber provides a safe option for builders and DIYers. It doesn't itch making that a great plus. Prior to applying in attic spaces, you will need to make sure all penetrations are sealed at the attic floor. Using foam sealant, caulk and a fire stopping product. Pneumatically applied insulation will provide a monolithic seal leaving no gaps like fiberglass batt. You will need to ensure proper ventilation by installing ventilation baffles either cardboard chutes or proper vent baffles. You will also need to verify that any recessed light fixtures are suitable for direct contact with insulation for fire safety. If not, a baffle around the lights must be installed. *See images below.

  •  Tools Needed for Installation

    Tools Needed for Installation

  •  Ventilation baffles- Flat Ceilings

    Ventilation baffles- Flat Ceilings

  •  Installation of Attic rulers

    Installation of Attic rulers

  •  Filling Hopper

    Filling Hopper

  •  Recessed Light Baffle

    Recessed Light Baffle

  •  Cellulose Attic Installation

    Cellulose Attic Installation

GreenFiber Cellulose can be used for practically all areas of the home and not just for open attics. Cellulose wall spray is very popular and has been a favorite among home builders prior to the 1970's. Spray it on, wall scrub it flush with studs, vacuum up excess cellulose and re-use. No waste! Professional installation recommend by a licensed contractor. This application will drastically reduce air leakage and provide for a quieter home. Greenfiber cellulose provides a Class 1 fire rating, it's 57% better at resisting fire than most other common types of residential insulation.
  •  Completion


Dense packing cellulose with special netting in attic spaces, floors and interior walls is also very popular among home builders. Filling every gap and void, Greenfiber helps sound-shield homes and cellulose is a cost effective way to insulate your entire home safely. It's always best to use a licensed contractor for anything but an open attic space where you just want to upgrade the existing insulation.
  •  Install breathable netting

    Install breathable netting

  •  Make a small opening for hose

    Make a small opening for hose

  •  dense pack the cavity

    dense pack the cavity

  •  Vaulted Ceilings

    Vaulted Ceilings

  •  Attics and Floors

    Attics and Floors

  •  Retrofit Projects

    Retrofit Projects

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