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Fi-Foil Reflective Insulation

For over 30 years Fi-Foil has been providing the industry with high performance insulation technology. They are the industries leader and innovator of reflective insulation and radiant barrier products. Fi-Foil’s insulation products and systems include: simple reflective facings for commercial buildings, unique multi-layer reflective insulation and radiant barriers for residential structures, advanced inert gas filled panels for military buildings, and other products and applications in-between. Energy Efficiency is what they do every day.

At Showroom Partners, We are really excited about these amazing products. We want to show you some interesting benefits of one of Fi-Foil’s products.

Introducing Hy-Fi

Hy-Fi is a cutting edge hybrid product that provides a cost-effective way to achieve higher R-values in exterior walls. Combining Hy-Fi with other insulating materials like fiberglass batt or spray foam you can reduce the amount of these materials. Hy-Fi provides an additional R-8 value. HY-Fi enhances the performance of the building envelope by maximizing open air spaces in the wall cavity. HY-Fi insulation addresses the dominant form of heat transfer, radiation, with layers of high reflectance and low emittance materials. In addition to reducing heat flow by radiation, HY-Fi’s multiple layers also reduce convective heat transfer. Watch our videos for a quick overview of our products.

Air based mass insulation products ("open cell" spray foam, fiberglass batts, cellulose, etc.) address heat transfer in the building envelope by reducing convention. Gas-based (”closed cell”) spray foam products can also reduce conduction. All of these types of products however have have high emittance surfaces which do not reduce radiant heat transfer. Spray foam and high density batts also have a high cost per R-value. Combining HY-Fi’s superior radiation protection with traditional insulation in a hybrid system creates superior resistance to heat transfer and also reduces material costs.
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