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Fireplaces by Dimplex

Redefine one or many of your favorite spaces with a gorgeous electric fireplace. Dimplex offers you the widest array of top-quality designs with an unparalleled selection of styles, accents and finishes to suit any style and application.

Dimplex invented the modern electric fireplace and continues to lead the way with exclusive technologies that dazzle the eye and seduce the senses. Their patented 3D effect gives the fire its depth and dancing flames. And it is something you can only find on Dimplex electric fireplaces. When you buy Dimplex you know you're getting the original...and the best.

The Opti-V™ uses unprecedented technology to render flames and sparks for a virtual fireplace experience like no other. The unique and patent protected design combines ultra realistic flickering flames with three dimensional LED logs that sporadically spark and crackle! The perfect blend of magic and realism - Opti-V™ is the most unbelievable flame effect yet. Enjoy a few videos here:
Dimplex videos Click on the following link to visit Dimplex fireplaces online to review everything.

Check out the all new Opti-V™
Aquarium which uses unprecedented technology to render a virtual aquarium experience that is stunningly beautiful and maintenance-free. Here is further information on this must have product.

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Opti-V™ is the most unbelievable flame effect yet. A blend of three dimensional technology, artistry and craftsmanship create dazzling flickering flames that dance between the logs.
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Imagine being able to add ambient flame wherever you can hang a picture! These space-saving designs are a beautiful way to add atmosphere and comfort to any room.
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A blend of technology, artistry and craftsmanship – the patented Dimplex flame technology creates the illusion of a true wood burning fire.
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Patented LED inner glow logs and pulsating ember technology allow the logs and embers to glow in concert with the flames.
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Includes a powerful fan-forced heater designed to keep the rooms you spend the most time in warm. Reduce your central furnace temperature and cut your heating costs!
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Some units also include a pedestal base allowing you to display the fireplace on a flat surface, such as a dresser and buffet table.
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