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Shower Doors

Over 40 years ago Coastal Shower Doors wanted to create shower enclosures that look less like a functional part of our everyday routine and, instead, act as art that can transform the entire aesthetic of a bathroom. Coastal has won many awards over the years and in 2014, Coastal released the patent-pending GRIDSCAPE® series.

The GRIDSCAPE® is a multi-functional tub / shower panel solution that is on the forefront of bathroom interior design trends. The sleek windowpane shower screen features clear tempered glass and is an ideal choice for modern, transitional and traditional style bathrooms.

Versatile as it is beautiful, the GRIDSCAPE® Series is available in multiple configurations, including a hinged shower door, a fixed panel, a sliding shower door and even, folding partitions for interior decorations. All GRIDSCAPE® divided-light shower doors are available with a choice of three glass types: clear, satin, and smoke grey. The clear glass option combined with the black anodized finish is perfect for those wanting an industrial-modern factory windowpane look; alternatively, the satin frosted glass provides the feel of Japanese shoji door, and the smoke grey glass contrasted with a chrome metal finish is ideal for those seeking a sleek and modern vibe.

Check out some videos showing Gridscape.

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